Sewage Extraction

Other than having an unpleasant smell, raw sewage (also known as wastewater) contains bacteria and other microorganisms that are very hazardous to one’s health. This is why there is sewage treatment facilities built to take care of it from sewage extraction from households to its treatment at the facilities themselves. However, there are times when families also face sewage problems. These can lead to the transmission of harmful bacteria to one’s clothing or shoes if it is left untreated. Immediate attention is needed, specifically sewage extraction. This is done to avoid the risk of diseases like hepatitis, giardia and other severe conditions.

Water Damage Miami can remove the sewage out of your house. Its personnel also know that the solution does not stop there. Along with sewage extraction, sanitation and deodorization of contaminated materials, which are also essential to prevent health risks, are also included in their sewage cleanup services.