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Sewage Extraction

Other than having an unpleasant smell, raw sewage (also known as wastewater) contains bacteria and other microorganisms that are very hazardous to one's health. This is why there is sewage treatment facilities built to take

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Fire Damage Restoration

It is unimaginable when your home or business suffers from fire how it feels. You can just imagine the damage fire causes. When such catastrophe happens, the kind of fire damage restoration needed is more

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Soot Removal 

After a fire consumes a house, soot removal or cleanup is one of the toughest things to do. However, it is also the most crucial part of fire damage restoration, and it must be done

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Water Damage Restoration 

When the rainy season comes, flooding is one problem residents have to deal with. No one wants to think of the water damage it can bring to a home or office but in such cases, water damage restoration is needed to make a house suitable to live in again and for an office to be back in business. Flooding can happen anytime; it does not give a heads-up as to when it will strike and when its damage has been done. Water Damage Miami can help with the water damage restoration process.

The company promises to take care of whatever issues may be present like roof leaks or damaged pipes. Its team only uses state-of-the-art equipment in water damage restoration to ensure your satisfaction, and more importantly, your safety. Call Water Damage Miami and they will have your water damage problems solved and your home restored to its beauty!


Water damage Miami is the place we like to be when there is a moisture issue and there is water inside a house or apartment. We have been specializing in drying our structures for over 10 years and have many satisfied clients that have saved thousands of dollars by choosing us to dry out there homes or businesses. If you have a backed up sink or toilet that broke, or even a pipe explodes, we can come over and dry out your house for a fair price and bill the insurance company. With all the experience we have at drying out structure we can get your place back to its original condition as quickly as possible by using good judgment and the right equipment to dry out the structure. In the end, it can save you thousands of dollars and avoids any future mold issues.
Mold these days is a serious issue and can cost tens of thousands of dollars to remove properly. If you have a lot of water that went on your floor and into your wall, you must dry out the walls quickly to avoid mold growth. Mold loves the glue that is in your drywall. It is the food source that is needed for it to grow and spread. So if you happen to be a snowbird and the floor above you has a leak, you can come home to a home filled with black spores that easily transfer in the house. That is why a professional mold re-mediator is needed to remove the mold.

Call Water Damage Miami with any of your water damage needs. There is no such thing as a small job, drying out structures is our business, put us to work!

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Our Water Damage Restoration Services Include :

Water Damage Assessment
Water Extraction
Odor Removal
Water Damage Camarillo
Using Blowing Equipment To Fully Dry The Areas
Surface Drying
Cleansing Of Air
Debris Removal
Crawl Space Cleanup
Glass Pipes dirt removal
Sewage Cleanup
Flooding Cleanup
Damaged Carpet Removal
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